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Cakes can make any occasion special. Whether it is to mark a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or to celebrate festivals, a cake can make everybody involved instantly happy. So it comes as a no-brainer that the easiest way to make a loved one in India feel special is to send them a cake, even if it is just to celebrate them! Oxigen gives you a way to do that without any hassles and at the best prices.

You can send regular cakes with personalized messages, as well personalized photo cakes to remind them of special moments. To send a personalized photo cake, simply email a high-resolution version of the photo to Please remember to include your order number in the email. If you have a picture in mind and access to a high-resolution version of the photo, a photo cake can be the best gift to remind a loved one in India of a special moment, while also ensuring that your absence doesn’t make them too sad – cakes are like happiness therapy!

Here’s what makes the deal sweeter – you’ll earn Reward Points each time you make a purchase on Oxigen. Payments can be made via credit or debit cards, or by using Reward Points you accumulated from previous purchases. You can also save your credit or debit card information to your profile so that you have a saved payment method that enables faster checkouts in the future. So why wait? Surprise a loved one in India by sending them their favorite cake. Let them know they are on your mind, even if you are oceans apart.

Please reach out to us at 844-55-HAPPY if you have any questions regarding sending cakes to India. We are also available on live-chat on the website. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for special offers and discounts!