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Security Standards

Oxigen USA Security Policy

Oxigen USA Inc. BBB Business Review

We take your security seriously.

We are committed to protecting your personal and financial information with the best practices and available technologies:

  • All of your transactions on our website and mobile app are protected by the Norton Shopping Guarantee. Complimentary with every purchase on Oxigen you will receive: $100 Lowest Price Guarantee (if Oxigen's exchange rate increases within 30 days of purchase, simply let Norton know and they'll refund you with the price difference up to $100); $1,000 Purchase Guarantee (in the event your purchase doesn't live up to expectations, Norton will issue you a full refund of up to $1,000 if they determine that you did not get what you paid for); $10,000 ID Theft Protection (if your identity is stolen or damaged in any way or anywhere – not just on our website – Norton will provide access to services and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for associated costs).

  • All communications with our server are encrypted with Norton SSL Certificates With Extended Validation powered by Verisign as indicated by the green padlock in your address bar.

  • All payment information is transmitted and secured through FirstData’s latest payment platform, Payeezy, which is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

  • We use 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) for all transactions to prevent abuse of your credit/debit card. 3-D Secure provides an additional layer of online shopping security so you can trust that your transactions get independent approval from your financial institution every time. In short, 3-D Secure = Zero Fraud.

  • is backed by the Trustwave Seal, which shows that our site “has the highest level of encryption available today”. It also shows that passes an extensive monthly validation process which allows us to guarantee identity with a warranty of $500,000.

  • Your information is stored on servers that are protected both physically and electronically through access controls, encryption, firewalls, anti-virus services, data backups, power backups, strict administrative and employee protocols, and regular security audits.

  • Your account is also protected through various pre-emptive measures such as Captcha, email verification, minimum password strength, security questions, automatic account logout and lockout, velocity checks, email notifications of changes to your account’s credentials, and other measures that we keep confidential for security reasons.

  • The most important thing that you can do to protect the security of your account is to provide hard-to-guess answers to your security questions and to use a strong account password that is not the same or similar to the password you use for your email account.

  • Our system architecture is reliable and fully redundant with mirrored servers in geographically separate locations. It has been successfully and repeatedly tested for business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Our Information Security Management Policy covers everything from computing device security, to user ID and password management, to employee Internet and intranet access and usage restrictions, to electronic communications guidelines, to virus protection systems.

  • All major banks and telecom companies in India trust Oxigen and transact on our platform, which is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and processes over 1 million transaction per day in real-time – the largest real-time payment network in India after the ATM network.

1. How secure and redundant is our system architecture?

Oxigen employs a near real-time replication architecture for transferring data from our Primary Data Center to our Secondary Data Center. It runs on reliable equipment, software and telecommunications. All major components of the architecture have been designed for semi-automatic roll-over in the event of a failure. We maintain redundant data replication, regular backup schedules, and offsite storage to ensure that data is not lost or compromised and can be recovered by multiple means. Our servers maintain an automatic roll-over redundant array of independent disks (RAID) systems and employ redundant network connections in the event of a primary server failure. The datacenters have two levels of power backup to ensure clean and safe shutdown in the event of a major power failure.

2. What are the governing rules of our Information Security Management Policy?

  1. That the information falling under the purview of scope is protected against unauthorized access, from both internal and external entities.
  2. That the allocation of information security roles is done unambiguously.
  3. That information security education and training is imparted to all the employees.
  4. That information is not disclosed to unauthorized persons through deliberate or careless actions.
  5. That the integrity of all confidential and company related information is maintained.
  6. That information is made available to authorized users as and when needed.
  7. That the security of our system is ensured by implementing necessary controls to safeguard the network from malicious software and other attacks.
  8. That the organization is compliant with all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
  9. That business continuity plans are maintained, reviewed and tested as far as practicable.
  10. That all suspected breaches of information security are reported, investigated and logged.
  11. That continuous improvement of our Information Security Management System is made towards building greater trust and assurance amongst customers.

3. Which banks and telecommunication companies does Oxigen work with?

Oxigen is fully integrated with the back end systems of several major banks including State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, HDFC Bank, Punjab National Bank, and several others. SBI’s Kiosk Banks are powered by Oxigen’s technology and Oxigen has also partnered with ICICI Bank for the Oxigen ICICI Money Transfer Service.

Oxigen is also fully integrated with the back end systems of several major telecommunication, utility, and media companies such as Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, BSNL, DishTV, TataSky, BSES, and Hungama.

You can learn more about our partners here.

4. What do the Norton Secure Seal and the TrustWave Trusted Commerce seal mean and how do they help protect me?

The presence of the Norton Secured Seal means that information shared between you and the website is encrypted in transit through the use of SSL. When you click on the Norton Secured Seal, a verification page opens containing information about the organization, the status of its malware scan, and its SSL Certificate details. Oxigen uses Symantec Secure Site with Extended Validation to provide an extra layer of protection of normal SSL certificates. Extended Validation includes daily website malware scanning and vulnerability assessments to help us keep our site secure and defend against attacks.

The Trustwave Trusted Commerce web site seal shows that has the highest level of encryption available today according to TrustWave, the globally trusted brand for Internet security and compliance. It also shows that has passed TrustWave's extensive validation process.

5. How does Oxigen protect against unauthorized use of my account?

Your account is also protected through various pre-emptive measures such as Captcha, email verification, minimum password strength, security questions, automatic account logout and lockout, velocity checks, email notifications of changes to your account’s credentials, and other measures that we keep confidential for security reasons.

Since your email address is used for registering, accessing, and receiving communications regarding your account, it is important that you protect the use of the email account associated with your account. We strongly recommend that you do not use the same or similar password for your account that you use for your email account. If your email account is compromised by a hacker, then the hacker can try to use the same password to access your account. If a hacker has access to your email account, he/she may attempt to access your account by resetting the password associated with your email address, which would send a temporary password to your email account. You can prevent this by providing hard-to-guess answers to your security questions, which are required in order to reset your password.

If you receive an email notification from indicating that your email address or password has been changed, and you did not change it, or if you see that an order has been placed that you did not initiate, then please contact us immediately at . You can also use the link in the email notification of address/password change to suspend your account to prevent fraudulent use. Once your account is suspended, we will provide you with instructions for re-activation.