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About Oxigen India

About Oxigen India

Mr. Pramod Saxena
Founder, Chairman, & MD

Oxigen India Services (P) Ltd is India’s largest payment solutions provider, connecting 200 million Indians to 40+ banking, telecom, travel, and media services through Oxigen’s mobile wallet, partners, and over 200,000 Oxigen retailers. Oxigen operates the largest real-time financial transaction network in India (after the ATM network), processing over 1 million transactions a day.

Oxigen was founded by Indian corporate icon Pramod Saxena, who trail-blazed the Indian mobile phone industry as the CEO of Essar’s telecom business and as the President of Motorola India. Mr. Saxena realized that the 600+ million Indians who lack bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards needed a way to transact electronic services and that retailers needed a way to optimize and expand their inventory of digital services. So in 2004 he started Oxigen to realize his vision for financial inclusion and invented “retail-assisted eCommerce” in India.

By 2015 Oxigen had established 200,000 retailers in every state, city, and town in India. Oxigen then leveraged its retailer network to extend basic banking services in partnership with State Bank of India. Now through Oxigen Indians can transact a variety of services, ranging from recharging their mobile phones to paying bills to sending or receiving money transfers. Adjacent is a map illustrating the depth and breadth of Oxigen’s retailer outlets across India.

Oxigen recently introduced the Oxigen Wallet as a way for people to directly transact Oxigen’s services directly on their mobile phones. Oxigen Wallet has become the #1 player in transactions on NPCI’s National Banking Switch, outnumbering all major banks and telcos.

In short, Oxigen is the mobile money leader in India and it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to send transfers to Oxigen Wallet holders for cash-out at Oxigen’s retail network. To learn more about Oxigen India, click here.