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Mobile Money

Oxigen Wallet

Now Available on All Major Smartphone Platforms

As India's largest and most innovative payments company, Oxigen India is pioneering mobile money with Oxigen Wallet.

With Oxigen Wallet, Indians can top-up their wallet and transfer the value to nearly any bank account in India. Indians without credit cards, debit cards, or even bank accounts are already using Oxigen Wallet to send cash to friends and family through their mobile phones, and receiving cash at their friendly neighborhood Oxigen Retail Outlet (RO).

Oxigen India is also working closely with the Reserve Bank of India and other regulatory bodies to allow Oxigen USA customers to receive physical cash at any one of Oxigen India's 200,000+ Retail Outlets (ROs).

You can download Oxigen Wallet on the Android App Store, the iTunes App Store, and the Windows Phone store.

*NOTE: The above map is only indicative of the general location of Oxigen Retail Outlets. If you would like to obtain the specific address of an Oxigen Retail Outlet, email with the PIN Code of the area you are looking for and we will reply with a list of addresses.