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Send money, instant
payments, and gifts to India
at the best rates with no fees

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How It Works #3: Check Out

How It Works - Step 3: Check Out

Payment source - Oxigen USA

1. Done Shopping? : Once you are done adding items to your cart, view your full shopping cart. From there you can apply discount codes, redeem reward points, and proceed to payment.

2. Double Checkout: If your order contains a money transfer and a payment or gift, you will do two checkouts. First you’ll pay for your payment or gift by credit or debit card, then you’ll pay for your money transfer from your bank account.

3. Order Confirmation: You will see a confirmation page indicating that your order has been received with a corresponding email. Once the items in your cart have been fulfilled, we’ll send you an email indicating that your transaction is complete. For money transfers, we’ll update you by email at each stage of the process. Make sure to add to your safe senders list.