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Greetings and welcome to the NRI Life blog! Given our mission to maximize happiness for Indians everywhere, we decided that we must go beyond financial services and also provide information that can make life easier for Non-Resident Indians regardless of location. Just as our Facebook page is a hub for the NRI community to interact, this blog will curate content that is particularly relevant for NRIs so that you can rely on Oxigen for more than just digital payments, gifts, and money transfers.

The NRI Life blog will house articles published by our staff as well as articles from a network of bloggers and customers who want to make their voice heard about topics they are passionate about. We’re still fine tuning the scope and frequency of this blog – for which we’d love to hear your suggestions – but meanwhile you can expect to read about a broad range of things from financial news for NRIs, to immigration related matters, to food recipes and recommendations, to beauty and fashion tips, and, of course, to hear the latest news at Oxigen.

On that note, I’d like to take a moment to share Oxigen’s vision of the future with you. Imagine you could automatically pay your loved ones’ mobile, landline, TV, Internet, electricity, and gas bills every month from your credit card while earning Oxigen Reward Points and miles on your credit card. Imagine your loved ones could request money or payments from you so that you could easily approve (or reject) their requests in one swipe while Oxigen takes care of all the rest. Imagine you could seamlessly transfer value to your loved one’s Oxigen Wallet in India, and that they could immediately use that value however they wanted to – for shopping online or offline, paying bills, transferring money, or even cashing out at any of Oxigen’s 200,000 retail points across India. Imagine you could use the value stored in your Oxigen app to not only send money, but also to make purchases for yourself while traveling internationally without having to convert currencies. These are the kind of life-changing experiences we’re working on here at Oxigen. We have already established Oxigen as a pioneer of the only one-stop-shop for sending happiness to India, and the fun has just begun 🙂

If you haven’t already, please register an Oxigen account so that you can receive emails when we add new articles to this blog. Please take a minute to let us know the kinds of topics you’d like to see here, and feel free to send in a blog of your own to happiness@oxigenusa.com if you think it’s relevant to the NRI community!

Warm regards,
Amir Alexander Hasson
Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Oxigen USA, Inc.



Amir is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in international business, IT, and telecom. He received his Master’s from MIT Sloan and has started 4 companies impacting the lives of millions globally. Red Herring featured Amir as one of the “Top 25 [Entrepreneurs] Under 35”. Amir enjoys yoga, kitesurfing, and travel.

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