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Product Description

The fast, simple, and secure way to send money to a bank account from the USA to India at the highest true exchange rate with no fees. Guaranteed.

Oxigen provides the best exchange rate for transferring money to India and your transfer is protected by the Norton Shopping Guarantee. We guarantee the best Rupee exchange rate by checking the rates of money transfer companies several times every day to make sure that our rate is the most competitive. We have also partnered with Symantec to protect your money with the Norton Shopping Guarantee, which means that Norton guarantees your purchase up to $1,000 and, if the exchange rate improves significantly in the next 30 days, you can be refunded for the difference in value!

Send money to any bank account in India. You can send money to your NRE and NRO accounts too!. Our agent network consist of some of the largest banking and financial institutions in India.

Why do thousands of people recommend for sending money to India?

No Fees: Yes, it's true: there are no transaction fees or surcharges whatsoever. Your recipients receive exactly what you pay for thanks to Oxigen's end-to-end digital transaction platform.

Best Exchange Rates. Guaranteed: We guarantee the best USD ($) to INR (₹) exchange rate in the industry. If you find a company offering a higher exchange rate, then we will match their rate and credit your account with 1,000 Reward Points. Spend Less, Send More® on